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18 London Road
Forest Hill
SE23 3HF
t: 020 8699 9589

Deep Tissue Massage – Zoe Allan

The body, in particular movement of the body, has always been a huge interest to Zoe.  As a child, this passion manifested through contemporary dance, providing her with a huge sense of freedom, but also a deep sense of connection to life and her body. Today, she is involved in Pilates, fitness and massage therapy, intent on finding that space within our bodies to feel healthy, strong and alive.

For Zoe, massage is about restoring calmness within our bodies and our mind so that we can return to physical exercise and movement with more strength and freedom.  In particular, massage supports the mind in dealing with stress, anxiety and the daily battles we all have, thus supporting a healthier connection with the rest of the body, improving digestive health and the immune systems ability to fight off infection.

The body is a complex universe, and although we all have one, no two are the same.  For this reason, to be able to live a healthy and happy life is ultimately down to ourselves as we have to develop a better understanding of our unique body.

A restorative massage treatment with her can help with:
Anxiety, stress, depression, digestive problems, worry, sleep problems, muscle ache and soreness, relaxation and restoration and much more.

Her qualifications:
ITEC LEVEL 3 holistic massage
YMCA lEVEL 3 Pilates teacher (Michael King method)
BSC Business Studies

cell: 07710604364

£40 for 45 mins full body massage
£50 for 60 mins full body massage

10% discount on first treatments


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