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Massage Therapist and Yoga teacher – Rachel Postlethwaite

IMG_0853Rachel is a qualified ITEC and BTEC Massage Therapist. She specialises in Deep Tissue and Holistic Relaxing massage. Whilst weaving her knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathologies and Yoga into her treatments.

Deep Tissue:

This is an oil base, deep and powerful treatment that can help reduce chronic muscular tension. This massage will refresh and relax muscles whilst easing pain by breaking down fibrous adhesion (knots) and scar tissue that can be the result from muscle injury, poor posture, athletic pursuits, repetitive strain or sustained pressure, such as sitting for prolonged periods.

Fibrous adhesion (knots) and scar tissue is when tough tissue builds up, shortening and weakening muscles. This can then lead to tension in tendons causing tendinosis, trap nerves reducing range of motion, strength and causing pain.

Treatments can be full body or concentrate on problematic areas. Neuromuscular technique can be used to relieve trigger points and strokes are similar to Holistic Swedish Massage, but much slower, and generally applied with more pressure. This helps improve circulation to the muscle, taking away toxins and bringing nutrients such as Oxygen that help aid in the repair of the muscle. Gentle stretching is included that also help improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

Deep tissue treatment includes an initial full consultation and assessment. A phone consolation can be done before meeting as well to tailor make the treatment.

Holistic Relaxing Massage

This is a gentle, soothing, relaxing full body massage that is ideal for relieving stress. It is know that massage helps increase the feel good hormone Oxytocin reducing the stress hormone Cortisol. This massage focuses on this by applying long, gentle relaxing strokes that help induce this state of well-being.

Physically it can help people that suffer with insomnia, boost energy levels alleviating mental fatigue. Massage can also improves circulation bringing with it nutrients to the muscles and taking toxins away helping to relieve stiffness and knots.

This massage is ideal for anybody who prefers lighter pressure, suffers of Multiple Sclerosis or other disorders that require lighter pressure. All treatments initial full consultation and assessment. A phone consultation can be done before meeting as well to tailor make the treatment.

Treatments 60/90 minutes price £50 / £75 can also do tailored times.

Contact: 07760130989