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Sunday and
Bank Holidays:

18 London Road
Forest Hill
SE23 3HF
t: 020 8699 9589

Evening Menu 6 dishes & 2 drinks £40

Served Thursday – Saturday from 6 – 10pm


Glass of Kir (Prosecco with a dash of Cassis or Cointreau)    £7.5
Canvas & Cream Cosmopolitan     £8
Amaro Negroni     £8
Bowl of Manzanilla Olives     £4


Spiced Salt Fish Fritters w/Garlic Mayo    £6
Crispy Fried Squid w/ Sesame Teriyaki & Dehydrated Leeks & Lambs Leaf    £6.5
Smoked Mackerel & Yoghurt Pate w/Cornichon, Lemon & Black Pepper    £6.5
Slice of Game Pie & Pickle    £6
Slow Roasted Garlic and Confit Lemon Chicken Thighs w/Oregano    £6.5
Sweet & Sticky Ginger & Tamarind Chicken Wings w/Mint Yogurt    £6
Cumberland Sausage in Cider, Mushroom & Whole Grain Mustard w/splash of cream    £6
Beef, Thyme & Mustard Burger Sliders    £6.5
Spiced Chickpea, Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Slider, Sweet Pickled Red Cabbage (VG)    £6
Aubergine Rolled with Ricotta, Chunky Olive Tapenade & Sharp Green Salsa, Drizzled w/Balsamic Glaze, Roasted on Spicy Sweet Tomato (V)   £6.5
Crisp Bubble & Squeak Croquettes w/Mustard Mayo (V)    £4.5
Pea & Mint Falafel Bites w/Smoked Humus (VG)    £6
Roasted Field Mushrooms, Goats Cheese, Walnuts & Flatleaf Parsley on Sweet & Spicy Tomato (V)    £6.5
Roast Garlic Humus sprinkled w/Seeds, Shoots, Nuts & Pomegranate Molasses (VG)     £5
Honey & Roast Garlic Baked Camembert w/Raspberry Vinegar Caramelized Onion & Sliced Sour Dough (V)    £8
Warm Herby Baby Potato Salad w/Spring Onion (VG)    £5
Beef Tomato, Sliced Boiled Egg, Caper, Anchovy & Parsley Salad (V)   £4.5
Superfood Salad- Raspberry Dressed, Bean, Seed & Lettuce (VG)    £5
Dressed French Beans in Sharp Garlic Vinaigrette (VG)     £4.5
Tahini Dressed Slaw (VG)    £3.5
Smoked Sweet Potato Paprika Fries (VG)     £4.5
Warm Breads (VG)     £3.5
Crunchy Green & Sweet Pickled Red Cabbage Side Salad (VG)    £3.5
Smoked Paprika Sweet Potato Fries  (VG)    £4.5


Whiskey Marmalade Luxury Bread & Butter Pudding w/Judes Vanilla Ice-cream    £6
Raw Chocolate Orange Mousse (Super Healthy-Super Tasty. No Sugar, Wheat or Dairy VG)     £6.5
Knickerbockerglory    £6
Warm Pear & Frangipane Tart w/ Clotted Cream     £5.5


Glenfiddich Single Malt £4.6
Courvoisier Cognac £4.5
Liqueur Coffee £6
Espresso Martini £8

A discretionary 12.5% Service Charge will be added to your bill, all of which goes to our staff.