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My Mates’ Band - Erroll Jones

My Mates’ Band is a photographic exhibition of the early days of The Prodigy as seen by Erroll Jones. Shot entirely on film (both medium format and 35mm), it features behind the scenes images of the band on tour as well as live shots. The vast majority of these images had never been published before and had never been available to buy as prints.

As a keen photographer and good friend of Maxim (Prodigy Front man) and their manager Ziggy, Erroll would often bring his camera along to the early gigs.  At the time, the band was relatively unknown outside of the rave circuit. When making prints of them in the college darkroom, Erroll would often get asked ‘Who’s that?’. His standard reply would be ‘It’s just my mates’ band’, having had no idea how big they would eventually become. 


My Mates’ Band was first exhibited in January 2024 as a multimedia event at Shoreditch Arts Club.  It was then picked up by Proud Galleries where it now forms part of the ‘Off Stage‘ exhibition alongside the work of David Magnus and Alan Chapman.


The exhibition will run until 25 May 2024.

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